Dual Nature

Chapter 4: Fear the City

Dual Nature

“You know, Emily, ever since you were a little girl you loved the buildings,” says Robert Wade.

“What?” Emily inquires with a little chuckle.

“I don’t know, I’m just making small talk. I can’t believe I’m driving you all the way to the high school today. For years upon years we hopped in the car, blinked our eyes, and were already at school. Now I have to go fifteen minutes out of my way. Emily, you are truly a pest.”

Emily looks at her dad, trying to choke down a laugh. First she makes an awkward smile, then lets loose.

“There she is,” Wade smiles.

Wade is doing his usual routine, dropping his daughter, Emily, off at school before he goes to work. Most girls would be embarrassed to show up to school in a police car that smells like old eggs and has snacks sprawled out over the back seat. Wade, however, knows his daughter likes the feeling by the way her beaming face blushes every time she steps into Wade’s car.

Wade turns a corner, and Emily’s binders fall off of the dashboard and land right on her lap. Not a paper out of place. Lucky break, she thinks.

As Wade’s car turns into the school’s parking lot, the high-schoolers start turning their heads to see who is in trouble. The outside of the car is in pristine condition. Its gleaming shell reflects the fresh sunlight and the smooth pavement of the parking lot. The car screeches as it comes to a stop.

Wade watches Emily turn to her friends, who are beckoning for her to join them. Before she can get out of the car, Wade locks the door. Emily rolls her eyes when she hears the click.

“Emily, before you leave school-”

“I know, I know, Dad, walk the long way home and don’t go through the city.”

“Good girl.” Wade coos at her as if she is a dog. Emily gives Wade her knowing smile and gets out of the car. Wade watches her walk away, into her swarm of friends, and out of his reach.


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