The Future of Freshmen

Freshmen’s hopes and dreams for their high school career

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For incoming freshmen, high school becomes a place where they hope to find themselves. They have many hopes of what their high school career will lead them to. Whether that involves acceptance into a certain college or university or taking vocational schooling towards a career once high school ends. They, while still finding who they want to be, will take different kinds of classes and join many clubs or athletic teams. They may even test their writing skills by taking classes like Spectrum or Yearbook. At the freshman orientation, we asked freshmen what they were looking forward to doing during their four years in high school. This is what they had to say:


“Obtaining a good GPA.” ~Josh Ramsey


“Not falling up the stairs…again.”~Marcie Eid~


“Not getting trampled over by tall people.” ~Hafsa Bilal~


“In a year, being able to say, ‘Look at those freshmen.'”    ~Madison Murray



“I hope to discover who I am as a person and find what I’d like to do in life.””

— Celine Foster



“Not walking into the boy’s bathroom…again.”  ~Allyse Robinson~

“Not walking onto the wrong bus…again.”~Kira Sivak~

“Surviving the school’s food.” ~Sam Horne~




“Looking into different electives to see what I can major in college for a career.””

— Pooja Natarajan


“Probably making new friends and having a good experience to put on my resume and stuff.””

— Waverly Eubank









“Graduating.”     ~Riley Grossman-Lempent~

“Getting good grades, paying attention, and doing dual enrollment.”   ~Nya Flannigan~

“Not getting lost.”  ~Jarred Height-Kaplan~







“I am looking forward to supporting my artistic skills, and doing good, and making my parents proud, and to be remembered.””

— Angelo Myers

“I am looking forward to being in the art program and the film program.””

— Hepzi Mendelsonn














“Clubs. Earth Club.””

— Ali Mirza