Please, just let it snow

When the snow starts to fall, we dust off our snow day rituals.

Please, just let it snow

Spoons under pillows, putting ice cubes in the toilet, wearing pajamas backwards, we all have some silly ritual that we do when the snow starts to come down heavily. Some may say that these things are pointless superstitions, while others are believers. Is it just coincidence, pure luck? Or do these rituals actually work?

Last year, the West Bloomfield district used up all of their snow days, but this year we have only seen a few inches. The lack of snow has been discouraging students from doing any of our superstitions. Only a few people have tried their luck with no success.

The common consensus over where these superstitions come from by being passed down from parent to child or from student to student, but nobody really knows where these little rites come from, or how they were discovered. Some of them we even come up with ourselves. I, for one, have a little snow dance, that makes me look like a fool to any random bystander, while wearing my pajamas inside-out. Some acts may not seem like they would work but to these few people they have in the past. Samantha Luken, senior, said she came up with peeling a clementine in one piece.

There are so many ceremonies that one starts to wonder where they originated, especially the particularly unusual ones. “I tape a penny to the window,” Dean Eggenberger, junior, said when asked what his ritual is. When asked where he learned to do this, he said his mom taught him. It seems to be that these rituals have no set source of where they have come from. Though we may not know where they originate from; we do know that they have been thought to work.

Maybe we will not have a snow day for the rest of winter, but looking at upcoming forecasts there may be a chance. So keep an eye to the weather and keep an extra pair of spoons to put under your bed.

What is YOUR snow day ritual?  Tell us in the comments!