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Your self is only in your home if you will it be
You can find me by the soft sounding stream
I am alone, I am not lonely
The smell of grass and the lie of immortality encompass me
The ardor in my sleeping veins is a mud color –
I swear by it
I fall in love with everyone I meet –
I break everything I touch
Out here I am eternity
By the sea I am inevitably
Myself and only me
You confuse boredom with hopelessness
It may as well be there is only hope by the sea, by the stream
I count the stars in my sky and the stars on my skin
In my youth I thought them ugly
And why can’t you see me
I see you
I’m here by the soft sounding stream
By every soft sound being
I am inexorably melancholy
The fall of the rain is all that balances my blood
I am here not so wrong inside
No prisoner of trees ever would there be
In eternity, I am free
And I see you with your offense and malcontent
I cannot help but feel sorry for your dreams
For they must be the only reality
In my dreams I see great things
I see no twisting flowers
I am here under my stars as an anthropomorphic tree
I have never asked eternity of a single leaf
The sun has kissed across my nose
The grass begs not to leave my clothes
If I was a child I would be free
In my ardor I fall asleep
Please shade my from my dreams
I cannot hope to be calm lying here by my screams
I will only find freedom in my dreams and here by the trees
My fingers being pushed by the stream
I wonder if it pushes me closer to other beings
No twitch of eye, nor twiddle of thumb be found in the glorious rain
I see why past people prayed to Gods for rain
I cannot tell if I am whole
We are rust, we are stardust –
We are everything that is coming to us
There is eternity in this
No faith to stunt my dreams
No words from lips to encompass me
I have stars on every inch of my soul
Here by the stream
I have never known such life
I have yet to know such light
There is eternity in this
Yourself is only true if you will it be

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