Adventures in Real Time



Dylan Gardner, an upcoming artist has released his first album, Adventures in Real Time. It released in 2013 with his record company, Big Deal Music Publishing. He is currently seventeen and lives in Pasadena, California. Gardner spends a lot of time writing and recording songs as well as playing guitar and singing with his brother in their garage. Music is a big part of his life and the album shows that he is passionate for what he does.

His crew recently sent West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) a CD of his new album. It includes ten tracks such as “Let’s Get Started” and “The Actor.” Dylan has undeniable talent with his lyrics and vocals. Someone who is listening to his album will be able to hear the love he has and hopes to share for his music and what he does. The variety of songs he has on the track will surely give everyone the ability to find a favorite! The composition of the entire album feels effortless. Unlike many popular artists today, his lyrics are meaningful and well put together. His voice is amazing as well. It is authentic and sounds great, especially his acoustic songs. This album definitely deserves a listen and everyone should check him out. More artists like him are needed and it looks like he will go a long way!

Check out his official website at! His website links to his music, merchandise, photos, tour dates, and other essentials. For now he is just touring in major cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, etc., but hopefully with his rising popularity he will set a date in Michigan. If you want to get updated make sure to follow him on twitter- To listen to his music you can go to his soundcloud- All three of these links are worthwhile to visit, so happy listening!