I live

I live

I thought I was the captain of my own ship

I thought I had to steer my way out of the storm

I thought that I shouldn’t make waves

I thought life was easier in the calm


I thought I should grow up

I thought I needed to be responsible

I thought possibilities had an end

I thought the road was short


I wondered why the calm was monotonous

I wondered which path was really the easiest

I wondered if I was actually in charge

I wondered if I was really out of the storm


I wondered why I grew up

I wondered how big is the burden of responsibility

I wondered if only the roads I took were short

I wondered why I was unhappy


I know I am the captain of my own ship

I know I can only steer so much before the waves take over

I know that waves can be good

I know the calm can only last so long


I know I’ll always be a child at heart

I know I’m only responsible for myself

I know that possibilities will lead you to a new opportunity

I know the road will take you for miles if you let it

I live