Daylight greets with a soft glow
His smile radiating into my skin
As two drowsy lids free their sight
Senses soon brighten, and the day begins

The timber stands firm, with signs of storm from the night before
Its foliage a vivid green, dewdrops skidding from every leaf
this is the beauty that I see

Wildflowers sprout in every nook
deep reds, sorrowful lilacs, orange fires and enriching blues encircle the air around me
Each with their personalities, running with the Sun’s light and sharing the air with the sweet perfumes of Spring’s youthful beginning
this is the beauty that I see

Birds of song, of cunning, and of prey
Inhabit the trees that oversee the life that thrives below
Ones of coffee, of charcoal, of vermillion and of iris lighten up the dead twigs hiding the food they crave beneath Earth’s bed
this is the beauty that I see

And yet, there is a film over the world
It is dark to me. But how can I see?
that my dear, is where others fail to realize
that imagination is my key to what lays around me