Cupid Is Stupid


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Valentine’s Day and its traditions were originally brought to America in the early 1700s and Valentine’s day became known as the holiday of love, but it took over one hundred years for the popularity of this holiday to grow. This holiday was intended to be about celebrating love, but how effective has that been? One tradition of Valentine’s day became sending cards to others. Due to this, many mocked how the cards cheapened the affection of the holiday. Numerous amounts of people joked that “a postal carrier was crushed under his bag of cheaply-produced letters strewn with cooing birds and hearts,” as stated in the Huffington Post Article, “Valentine’s Day: It’s Gory, Unromantic, Secret History.” These jokes lead to the development of an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” – a parallel holiday to the sincere Valentine’s day tradition. The idea of this parallel holiday spread rapidly. Card companies made comic Valentine’s day cards that included mockery and insults. Their business began booming, more so than affectionate cards. One card from the 1850’s reads: “You ugly, cross, and wrinkled shrew, You advocate of women’s rights, No man on earth would live with you For fear of endless fights.” Many found these cards degrading and disgusting.

In contrast, people now look at Anti-Valentine’s Day as its own holiday. It is now also known as Single Awareness Day. This holiday includes many traditions, the most significant being Anti-Valentine’s Day parties. These parties include a variety of foods and decorations; supporters of being single bake cakes and other desserts with broken heart toppings and make banners that say “Love Stinks” and “Cupid is Stupid.” Posters are also hung up with a drawing of a deceased cupid. This celebration also includes apparel, with comical statements against Valentine’s Day. There are many people however in support of this parallel holiday at WBHS. Freshman Brendan Findley states, “[Valentine’s Day] is quite a detriment to society, I believe it is hogwash. Yes many people around the world celebrate the once great holiday, [Anti-Valentine’s Day] however is quite an amusing holiday.” Some people however do not know what side to take in this controversy. One of these students is Ayana Adam (12th Grade) from WBHS. She states, “I wouldn’t say I’m against [Anti-Valentine’s Day], but I’m not exactly for it either. People have the right to celebrate whatever they want… whether it be Valentine’s Day or Anti-Valentine’s Day.”

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