50 Shades of West Bloomfield

What did WBHS do on Valentine’s Day?


Valentine’s Day. The Hallmark holiday that haunts couples all around the world. The question, “What should I get my boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/wife/husband?” hovers like an overprotective mother. This year, Valentine’s Day fell on Saturday, February 14th. Perfect! People had a whole day to please one’s significant other with romantic gestures.

For the many couples at the high school, Valentine’s Day was a great excuse to reflect on what really brought them together. It was a day to fall in love all over again. Senior Matthew Shafer chose the traditional route.  He bought his girlfriend roses and a box of chocolates and made her a romantic dinner. Not only was this day filled with love for couples, but it was a time to appreciate being with family. Teacher Lisa Sallen watched her grandchildren for the evening in order for her daughter to enjoy a romantic dinner with her husband. Another WBHS couple enjoyed one of the classic hang out spots of West Bloomfield: Buffalo Wild Wings. This is where senior Jesse Jeppesen and her boyfriend feasted because “there’s nothing more romantic than chicken wings.” Another Valentine’s Day classic was Papa John’s heart shaped pizza, which sophomore  Elie Huez  happily shared with his girlfriend.

However, for a lot of students, it was not as simple as just stopping by a store a picking up a few chocolates. Some single folks dread this day like no other. Some even call it “Single Awareness Day”. But Aleena Mirza made the most of it. The single senior student invited a few of her friends to her house. They picked up some Taco Bell and enjoyed a couple of movies on Netflix. Mirza says, “It was a good way to escape the lovey dovey couples.” Similarly, sophomore Emily Tottis spent the day with friends.

Regardless of whether they were alone or not on Valentine’s Day, West Bloomfield High School students and staff enjoyed the weekend. This day surprisingly unites people and has grown to be more than just a day for couples, but also a day for friends to come together. What did you do on Valentine’s Day?