Let’s Get Electronic

Laker Electronic Dance

Laker Electric


Around February of each year it is commonly known for high schools around the country to have a Sadie Hawkins dance. This dance is unique from all others because its fights society’s ideal of guys always asking girls to a dance, for this dance girls ask guys. At most schools this goes over very well, attendance at the dance is high and everyone has a great time. However, for whatever reason in past years West Bloomfield high school has not been able to successfully put on this dance. Ticket sales have been so small that the dance has had to be canceled. Therefore, the student body and staff decided it would be in everybody’s best interest to quit attempting a Sadie Hawkins dance.


Instead of completely canceling a winter dance West Bloomfield has decided to try something new this year. The junior class of 2016 created a new idea bigger and better then anything before. Forget all the fancy dresses, suits, curled hair and make up– this year we will be having a casual dance. Our first ever Laker electronic dance will be held on February 28th, 2015! With inspiration from North Farmington high school, this dance will be a hype neon, black light party with student DJ’s. More fun than Sadie Hawkins and all you have to do is show up in a T-shirt and jeans. Tickets for this dance go on sale the week of February 16th and the first 300 people to buy a ticket get a limited addition free LED T shirt. This dance is going to be great and we can’t wait to see you all there!