Riding Your Way Into Break

West Bloomfield high School expresses appreciation and relief in regards to mid-winter break.

Over the past few years, there has been widespread controversy on whether or not American schools should have mid-winter break. Mid-winter break first began in the late 1970s as an experiment to save energy. As many years went on the break still continued, and people began to realize the time off school was no longer as needed in today’s society. LakeWood Scoop (http://www.thelakewoodscoop.com/news/2015/02/poll-should-schools-be-giving-mid-winter-vacation-2.html) recently took a poll on whether or not schools should have mid-winter break. The results show that 28% of 1,187 American voters think the break off of school is not needed. The people on that side of this debate believe the break as a whole is pointless and should not exist or the time off for kids should be reduced. They believe the experiment as a whole was needed in the 70s, but not anymore. Yasmeen Khan of WNYC Public Radio states, “saving energy is not today’s reason for February recess.” Nearly all students, however only have views that support the extra time for relaxation, and believe, that the break is definitely necessary.

On the opposing side, an endless amount of West Bloomfield High School students are strong supporters of the time off school. Jesse Stone (9th Grade) states, “[kids] need a break off school.” Her peer Raquel Kassa (9th Grade) shared exactly the same reasoning. Not only do WBHS Lakers feel a need for this time off, but many adults do as well. Mervet Ismail expressed extreme support of mid winter break, saying that, during the year without mid winter break, “[she] noticed that kids were feeling mentally sick,” and that “they felt the need to stay home and rest more.” Ismail recognizes a huge difference in energy levels and preparation from students since the implementation of mid winter break. In addition, if there was no break, it is said that many people would not attend school. This is due to the fact that they may be celebrating Ash Wednesday or have an important event to go to. For example several Jewish Community Centers offer a variety of overnight camps for children to take part in over school breaks. If schools in their area stopped having mid-winter break, they would lose a majority of their business.

Also, students in support of mid-winter break have much to look forward too. Kassa, along with many other students, claim they will be doing “nothing” over break and they are excited to do so. Having a few days free from the hustle and bustle of daily school life is important for students’ stress level. Other students, including Stone, have very interesting events to attend. “I’m going to a horse show” (Stone 9th). This break gives a very nice interruption from the monotony of students’ stressful school routine, and is widely believed to be extremely imperative for students’ work ethic. In the long stretch without a break, the motivation level within schools drops greatly, and a break such as this brings it up monumentally.


Where do you stand on mid-winter break?