IT’S (Penny) WAR!

Competing For a Cause!

ITS (Penny) WAR!

Penny Wars fundraisers raise money for a shared goal while engaging students in a friendly, spirited competition. Classes compete against each other to collect the most pennies, which then go towards charity for leukemia. Penny Wars are a great way to fund raise because they are easy, inexpensive, and bring out the competitive side in all of us while raising money for an important cause.

The way that Penny Wars work is simple. Students donate pennies in their own class buckets to accumulate points for their grade and put in silver coins and dollars into other class buckets for those classes to have points deducted. For example, if a student puts a penny in a jar, that class gets one point. If a student puts a quarter in a class jar, that class loses twenty-five points.

This way of fundraising seems to be quite popular among students. Dani Fink, 9th grade says, “It’s a fun and successful way of raising money for a great cause. There’s no better way to mix competition between grades and helping out.”

Penny Wars  already received such high turnout. It is also great to see how spirited the class representatives become in encouraging all students to get excited and donate. Their positive and influential attitudes are the reason that these “wars” are so fun to compete in! A big thanks to the student government for making raising money so much fun for everyone.