Is Bigger really Better?

Is Bigger really Better?


imageWhat is it about an abundance in size that is so appealing? In everyday life the human race
displays the want for more and to go to extreme. Thinking about the saying “Bigger is Better.”
What does it refer to? Where did it originate? In society it is seen that to have more of something and to always be better than the next is ideal, which ultimately downs the individual who has just been topped. The nature of having to surpass others with possessions or accomplishments leaves people unsatisfied and wasteful. What concept or force renders us unsatisfied with what we have? The mindset that bigger, better, more, and newer is the goal to shoot for is a prime example of self satisfaction and conformity. It urges the percent of the world that does not naturally fall into the category of bigger, better, more, and newer to change, or even lose oneself. It breeds one to revalute what he/she thought they liked, or was comfortable with and compare it to the world; resulting in conformity.

Not conforming yourself to match the rest of the world is frowned upon and deemed unacceptable; by a significant portion of our world. The portrayal of materialistic things alters and influences our perceptions of what we have. It aids our viewpoint of ourselves and isolates the individuals who are content with what they have, and the ones who are unable to acquire the latest. Greed, dissatisfaction, and the never ending climb to be better than the next are characteristics that cultivate our world and society. Humans display discontentment with their achievements and with themselves, which not only increases competition, but also encourages the industry to produce more. We quickly discard clothes and cell phones, because the next version just came out; blinded by production and societal influence to realize nothing was wrong with the product, except that it was not approved by the world’s constantly increasing standards.

Dissatisfaction is rooted from worldly influences that breeds insecurity in oneself, possessions, and belongings. In understanding the quote “bigger is better” it describes the idea to one up and have more than someone else and being better because of it. To withdraw from world conformity is to find peace and confidence in oneself no matter what it may be and despite the pressuring force of society. Materialistic things and status do not make a person or define their character but ones personality and heart. It can be understood through insight of West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) students what the nature of humans pursuing urge is. Jayla Grier, 12th grade, said ” We seek the next big thing because it is better than what we have access to now and everyone always wants the newest and best thing because it is the pattern of our world.” Austin Leslie, 10th grade, said, “ Due to the heavy influence of media on us, we change and adapt to be like it. Because of how things are portrayed.” Overall things are made a certain way to entice us to that lifestyle or item and as humans seek to achieve it. The “Bigger is Better” thinking comes from Human influence. The world around us displays and highlights the “finer” things in life which leads us to thinking that’s what we need. Although this saying formulated from humans over the years, it should be taken lightly. We should work to have confidence in who we are and be comfortable with where you are in life; not being swayed the trends of the world.

Why are we not satisfied with what we have? Why are we always seeking bigger, newer, shinier?  Take a look and decide what is really important….
source: youtube story of stuff