The Writer and The Reader:

a complex conversation on reality


I think therefore I am; Rene Descartes is the mastermind of this paper. This paper is written solely on the idea to prove my existence. I have been questioning it lately. I, the supposed writer, am going to have a conversation with you, the reader. I know all your answers to the questions I will pose so do not worry that this internalized conversation is one-sided. Let us begin with a question: do I, the writer, exist? You say, yes. Good. I exist, but in what realm do I exist? The physical. Also good. Now, let me pose a question: reader, which one of us is real? You say, both. I say neither or just one or the other is even possible. Now, let us look back to the argument our good pal Rene made up there; tell me, do you think? Well, of course, you do. Let me explain this more–are the thoughts on this paper your thoughts or my thoughts? You obviously responded: the thoughts on this paper are that of the writer. I am the writer and have written your responses which are meant to be your thoughts… remember, now, we are having a dialogue here. I already know your responses and you will never guess my question, so who here is real? Are these words real? Am I imagining you reading these words?

Am I the devil?

No, I am obviously not,

But if I am not the devil, does that make me god?

You see, in the writer’s world in which we are, I play the role of both god and devil.

I anticipate your thoughts and responses to the internalized question that our friend Rene also explores in this dialogue. He is a reader as well who has confused thoughts with reality. All of these words are simply thoughts that I have created in your reality.


What is reality?

It is whatever I want it to be.

You disagree that there is definite and indefinite. No middle ground for me to control.

On this blank page I create a world to trap you in, reader. This is my reality, not yours. Yours is the lie.


You still disagree that this piece of work is one simply existing as part of your reality.


Well, I disagree. For I am the writer and you are the reader–my job is to create a world (or lack of one in this case) and control your thoughts, which are my thoughts.


I ask you again, are either of us real?


You will always say yes, because this text is real, therefore it has a writer who must be real to have written this. What if you are the writer and there is no reader?


No answer.


Allow me to answer for you, because I am your thoughts. Neither of us could possibly be real unless the other is correct.

You agree.


Now, let me ask a question that I have asked before: am I god or am I the devil?

You do not understand the question?

Well, what are you? The god or the devil?

You claim to be neither?

How can that be? Our relationship is symbolic; do you not agree one cannot exist without the other and upon their existence the other is created? So let me ask you again: are you god? Or are you the devil?


You do not understand their relationship with the roles we fill?

If god is the writer, the creator of all things in this reality and all the realities around us, then god also must create the devil or the reader, correct?

You suppose that is true?

Allow me to go a step further with this then. If I created you from a thought, how do you exist? Simply as a thought, but what created me? Nothing.


But all that matters is that I exist.


I think, therefore I am.


I am, therefore I can think.


I think, therefore I create.


I create, therefore I shape reality.


I shape reality because I am a god.


I am a god because I can write.