Dinner and a Show


On Wednesday, February 4th   the WBHS one act MIFA team held their annual dinner theater. This event entailed 2 performances of their one act show Strange Kindness, one from the understudy cast and one from the lead cast who will be competing at regionals on February 6th.

Dinner theater is an annual event put on by the WBHS MIFA team to raise money for their upcoming season, and to perform their show for the public. This year, the understudy cast put on the show, followed by a beautiful dinner, which was then followed by a performance of the show with the main cast.

This year’s MIFA show, strange kindness is a one-act comedy about a 19 year-old named Sarah girl living in Chicago. When she is born her mother sells her to a man who is a cross dresser and becomes her father. Sarah is a 19 year old who has never met her mother nor has she been kissed. Her life is pretty boring until she starts working for a local talk show host, meets a boy and her whole world turns up side down.

MIFA team members at the conclusion of the show they were all very excited and proud of the performance they put on. Blake Ehrlichman, a freshmen who is a first year MIFA member, playing Kenneth in the understudy cast got the chance to perform this show for the first time “It felt so great to perform this show on stage for the first time, the audience seemed to love it and we all felt so proud.” Ehrlichman said. Everyone was very proud and it is always nice to see the team happy with their performances. The MIFA team has two remaining performances this season so stay tuned!