Pep Upsembly

West Bloomfield High School shows great excitement at this year’s Winterfest Pep Rally

Pep Upsembly

2015’s Winterfest pep rally was definitely one to go down in history. From each class competing in numerous games to Principal Pat Watson singing to Taylor Swift while wearing a blond wig, the whole thing was quite a sight to see. The fun all began with senior Shelby Wollok dashing onto the basketball court first, followed by the varsity basketball team. Nearly everyone in each grade jumped with cheer, “‘I liked watching everyone get pumped for the basketball game’” (Dylan Edelman 9).

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Not too long after, the staff flash mob came out and surprised all students with their synchronized dance moves. The songs played varied from Turn Down for What by Dj Snake and Lil Jon, Bang Bang by Jessie J, to other hit singles from this year. The varsity Poms team did an exceptional job as well. They rallied up the crowd with their dance to Burnin’ Up by Jessie J and a copious variety of upbeat songs. Not only did the staff and Poms team do a job, one must never forget about the student Step Team. Their performance had students in awe with their eyes locked in on them. A WBHS cheer team also wowed the audience. Everyone could tell they put so much time and effort into their performance as well.

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Within every event during the assembly, the freshman spirit squad got the class of 2018 going without a doubt. The tournaments began with the hamster ball race. Staff took 1st place with the help of  teachers Mr. Nathan Bellil and Ms. Elizabeth Grabill. Freshmen Isabella Kallo and Adam Ben-Moche definitely tried their hardest even though they took last place. Next the staff won again with a heated basketball game. Staff and seniors definitely had a close game since staff won by only a single point.

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There were many other competitions that took place throughout spirit week and the pep rally. These included penny wars, a pie eating contest, trivia contest, and window painting. Yet the Juniors had won with a total of 525 points.

The pep rally seemed to have been a great time and experience even though Ms. Ashleigh Ruggero and her leadership class “only had two weeks to plan everything out,” according to Ruggero.  Not only was the time to plan for the rally scarce, but so was “the timing of the actual pep assembly” . She states, “[the leadership class] had to cut certain activities we originally planned because we ran out of time.”

Ruggero really enjoyed the lip syncs by the administrators. The staff did “such a good job and got the crowd excited”. Many others would also agree that the staff lip syncs were their favorite part of the pep rally. Edelman states “‘I really liked the lip syncing part.’” This entertaining activity included Watson signing to Shake it Off by Taylor Swift, Assistant Principal Mr. Eric Pierce showing off his moves to Single Ladies by Beyonce, and Assistant Principal Mr. Eric Pace to Glamorous by Fergie.


Senior Ren Veasey was part of the leadership committee in charge of the pep assembly, and stated that “almost everything went how [they] hoped and even better, actually.” Veasey claims that the only thing she would change would be “to add more time so more people [could] participate in the games.” She goes on to say that “it was fun to see everyone having a good time.”

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