1,2,3,4 Lady Lakers Give Them More!

Competitive Cheer Season


Every Saturday, the West Bloomfield High School Varsity, and Junior Varsity Cheerleading teams heads off to a different competitions along with their coaches Katelyn Kapanka (JV), and Tracy Hoban (varsity). The teams compete in their designated divisions. Divisions split teams up based off their skill level. West Bloomfield competes in the white division. In the white division, 6 teams compete. At their league meet, on Saturday, February 7th, 2015 West Bloomfield varsity won first place!

The team has said that the competition was intense and amazing spirit, they always are cheering one another on, and working together! Mikayla Asher, 9th grade says, “My favorite part of cheer would be the competitions because we finally get to put all of our hard work and show it our hard work and show our supporters and the judges. You also get to see all the amazing teams from all around the area!”

On February 21st the Varsity team competed in district finals! With the support from the rest of their team, the fellow student body, the team broke a school record by receiving 10th place in their division! Although, they were not able to advance to states, the team put forth their best work, and made the  Swamp, student body, and their entire school extremely proud. The team had an amazing competition season and we cannot wait to see what they are going bring next year! Great job Lady Lakers!IMG_1787