Winter Guard and Jazz with a Hint of Pizazz

West Bloomfield Jazz band and winter guard show everyone their hard work and talent at the coffee house and silent auction.

Winter Guard and Jazz with a Hint of Pizazz

On Wednesday March 11, 2015 the West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) jazz band and Winter Guard put on a grand performance at their coffee house and silent auction. During each showing there were many refreshments and snacks being sold, everyone who came got a free snack with the purchase of their ticket. Freshman Nicole Epshteyn attended the show and explains “Besides the great job everyone did, how could you not come? Everyone loves free food!”

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The coffee house began with Winter Guard with their dance. The group “did an exceptional job” especially considering they had to create and memorize their choreography in only 3 hours (Epshteyn). No wonder the junior varsity group came in 1st at a recent competition, and the varsity came in 5th.

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The middle school jazz band was next. The young students only had four months of experience and still made very few mistakes! Those individuals are very determined and love what they do since they have to head from Abbott Middle School to Orchard Lake Middle School to rehearse multiple times a week.

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The WBHS jazz orchestra performed last, and kept the audience’s eye locked on them the entire time. Epshteyn attended the show and states, “The Jazz band was really good and they performed really well.” Even though a member of the group with a solo was not there, “‘they were very mature’” and fixed the issue in a timely manner (Epshteyn).

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Not only did the West Bloomfield High School coffee house include loads of talented students performing, it also had a silent auction which got the audience very involved. Nearly every item was sold, and at extremely low prices including a parking pass for the 2016 school year which sold for only $40.