i am girl


girl is pink frosting, cupcakes, ribbons

girl is soft blankets, soft toys, soft things

girl is soft, warm, loving


girl is end of the family line

girl is wrapped in pink bow

because girl is meant to be given away


girl is on all fours trying to please you

girl why do you let them treat you like canine

sit still, look pretty, take off those high heels wrong way to look taller


girl shrink down

re-emerge Boy

if you want to stand erect


girl catches more bees with honey

girl knows her honey is gold

but girl’s silence is golden


Let’s get one thing straight

Girl does not want you to fight her battles for her

Girl wants you to be one less person to fight


Girl has spent eternity trying to repay man for his rib

Trying to repay you for the apple

Girl is done being sorry


Girl has name

Call her mother, daughter, lover

Tell Girl thank you


I am Girl

I am proud