Committed to Prom

WBHS 2015 Prom Committee


The West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) class of 2015 has been planning this prom since their freshman year. For the past four years they have held fundraisers to have the beautiful prom everyone envisions. The Prom Committee is a part of the senior class council, and their advisors are teachers Nicole Lafata and Kathleen Townsend. “Class council raises money for prom all four years of high school.“ Class President, Jaeina Limbo says. All four years the senior class has been fundraising with class t-shirts, Powderpuff, and many more events.

On the board is Jaeina Limbo (Senior Class president), Jarrell Ku (Vice President), Alex Hairston (secretary), Max Singer (Treasurer), Jacob Rashty (Student Government president), Jasmine Madoun (Student Government VP), Robby Niehof, Kelsey Gasso, Jonny Nirenberg, and Arhum Mahmood. They have made it their job for the senior class to have the best prom that they can out on. So when you are dancing around having the time of your life, remember to thank the people who helped make it memorable.

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