How to Stay Organized

Start off the school year with a positive attitude and an organized backpack

Summer is over and it is the start of a new school year. New classes, new teachers, new friends. Now is the time to put together a system for you to stay organized! Good luck!

What you will need:

  •  A binder- It is your choice what kind, but it should at least be 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch binder.
  •  Dividers- This can help you keep your papers neat, organized, and easy to get to.
  •  A planner- Which you can buy anywhere, try our school store.
  •  A few notebooks.
  •  Loose Leaf paper-In case you run out of notebook paper.
  •  A pencil case that has pens, pencils, and high-lighters in it.
  • A book bag or something to carry all of these supplies with you.

            To stay organized, you need to start off organized. First, take your binder and put dividers and loose leaf paper in it. You can also put your notebooks in here if you please. On your tabs, mark what class they are for. This will make it easy for you to access everything you need faster.

            Next, fill out your planner whenever you need to remember something. This is especially good for remembering homework assignments. You will also want to put together your pencils and pens in a place where they are easily accessible and in one place. It is super annoying when you need something to write with and you can not find it.

            Lastly, carry a backpack so that it is easy to carry around all of your supplies. Otherwise you can easily drop an important paper, or it might just get too heavy.

            These are some tips to help you become organized.  Have some to share?  Leave a comment below!

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