You need teamwork to make the dream work!


If you can’t play nice, play lacrosse! That is exactly what the West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) seniors on the Lacrosse team did this 2014-2015 school year. The seniors worked together to make the end of the school year a great one. Seniors are ending this year tough and in charge. The Women’s Lacrosse team has five seniors and all of them are on varsity. The seniors on the team are: Rachel Harnish, Jordan Cantelon, Blair Baeten, Audrey Shaw, and Rian Berry. With their coaches, Megan Callahan and Aj Levell, the women’s lacrosse team will surely have an awesome season. These athletes work hard at their practices and show great sportsmanship.

Shaw has been playing Lacrosse for two years and is glad she has joined. Shaw is excited for summer.  She shares, “My favorite thing about being a senior is being able to help out all of the lower level students with whatever school activities/classes and or sports related questions. It’s a good feeling being able to help out students with things they may not be the best with at first and then to see them grow tremendously and over succeed in what you originally helped them with.”  Shaw plans to continue participating in athletics in college, ” I look forward to becoming the sports broadcaster and college athlete I have always dreamt to be. I started lacrosse my junior year and am now in my second year playing. I love the game of lacrosse and am going to be playing women’s lacrosse at the next level.”

Harnish shares that her favorite part of her senior year was,  “Spending time with friends… IMG_0642I look forward to meeting new people in the future.”  Harnish played lacrosse for 4 years.  She will be attending Penn State, and plans to become a physical therapist.  She is looking forward to this summer when she will “hang out on my boat, and hang with friends. ”

Berry is going to church camp and then to college this summer.  She tells us,”My favorite thing about being a senior is probably being so close to going to college because its always look like an amazing experience to go. IMG_8473[In my future] I look forward to traveling a lot,  because one of my biggest  goals is to travel the world and I would love to do that. I have been doing lacrosse since sophomore year, and I kept getting injured in track, so i just took up lacrosse and I fell in love with it.”

All five Laker Lacrosse seniors have contributed to the success of their team. WBHS wishes them congratulations and the best of success in their next endeavors.




Congratulations to all of the lacrosse seniors!!