Swinging Their Way Through Senior Year

WBHS Senior Golfers Play Through and Onto Their Next Courses


Seniors Emerson Lawrey (left) and Sean Wigler (right) of the Men’s Golf team

Sean Wigler and Emerson Lawrey of West Bloomfield High School’s (WBHS) Men’s Golf team have enjoyed their high school experiences while playing golf for WBHS. Both seniors, Lawrey has been on the varsity golf team for three years, while Wigler has been on it for four. They have been coached by WBHS teachers and coaches Jeremy Denha, and Stephen Larkin. According to their coaches, both Wigler and Lawrey are very coachable teammates as well as great competitors.

Lawrey enjoyed spending time with his friends while playing golf for WBHS for the three years that he did. He plans to continue golf after high school as a hobby, and has had a blast playing the game he enjoyed with his friends. According to Larkin, “Emerson has had the ability to help us win our first league championship in several years, and is among the top three players this season.”

Wigler has also had a great experience with the WBHS golf team in his four years. He has been on varsity all four years, and Larkin says that, “he will more than likely be one of the top players in Oakland County, and we have very high expectations for him.”

For future golf players, Lawrey says to “Make sure you play a lot throughout the off season and, remember that visors are cooler than hats.” Congratulations and thanks to both Lawrey and Wigler for their contribution to West Bloomfield High School and good luck to them in all of their future endeavors!