Singing to the End

Seniors in choir prepare for the finale of their high school years.

Singing to the End

As the 2014-2015 school year comes to a close, seniors in West Bloomfield High School(WBHS) choir program are cherishing their final moments with their lasts events. The 2015 Spring Concert on May 20 signifies a final moment that choir members will remember always. For seniors in choir, goodbyes,and breakfasts commemorate their time as a WBHS choral singer.

The seniors of Laker Express, Chamber, and Concert are: Brandon Orr, Iffat Jahan, Shreya Uppal, Jevon Armstrong, Hadley Hofmann, Kyle Robinson, Kayla McPhaul, Allyson Todd, Laith Faraj, Amber Autry, Julia Fantich, Katherine Goldkamp, Gabrielle Lowenthal, Hilam Mandwee, Rio Mizuno, Raquel Smith, Deborah Adeniji, Nathan Salzeider, D’acia Simuel, Alex Strickland, Brooke Bain, Lana Floer, and Joseph Trate.  Teacher and chorale instructor  Sheryl Hauk said,”It has been an amazing choir season this year, and I have enjoyed working and watching such amazing students grow.”

Adeniji, of concert choir, said, “I really enjoy being in a choir. It’s a very, very good experience. My senior year I have really improved; my sight reading was not the best my freshman year, but I have been working with a blind instructor and improved a lot. In college I don’t plan to major in music, but definitely have it as a course.” Fantich from Laker Express, and Chamber choir said, “Choir has been a great learning experience. I have learned a lot of things about life and music in doing what I love. I have learned and met so many people with such different goals and directions in life, but we have all come together with music and come together and create one beautiful song. It is just a beautiful thing; a bunch of people who are completely different can come together and make beautiful music, that’s what its all about. Being in two different choirs I have become a more well rounded person, and have gained a lot of experience. In college I plan to be in the choir at Central Michigan University, and I have considered majoring in music, its something I am still figuring out. Music is important enough to me that I know that I will somehow be connected to it, and do something in music whether I study it or just on the side.”

Faraj, Laker Express member said, “It has been a great experience in choir, every year I have been in a different one, and as a sophomore I jumped right into Concert Choir, and the next year I got into Chamber Choir and it turned out to be a great fit for me even though I had tried out for Laker Express, and as a senior I actually got in , which I thought was really great because it showed how far I have come since freshman year with my development in my auditions, sight-reading, tone pitch, and quality; which has helped me to be where I am today. I definitely want to do something with music. I am not for sure what yet but I want to get my degree and be involved with music in some way.”

It is obvious the lifetime effect Choir has here at WBHS.  And for the graduating seniors of 2015 this was a year to remember. Congratulations!