Running Down the Clock

Last days for senior Football players


The 2014-2015 season was amazing for the West Bloomfield Football Team. Making a new name for our school, the L-boys made history. West Bloomfield’s Varsity Football Team made their final plays of high school their absolute best. For players, family, staff, and students this was truly an unforgettable season. Seniors in particular got the opportunity to witness and partake in history. Coach Ron Bellamy says” It has been great, this group of seniors have been early on and it just carried on into senior year, and it definitely showed with the phenomenal football season we had this past year, and also with the nine guys we had sign scholarships to play college football. It was a remarkable season we had much success getting the ball rolling compared to my first years here, and the school spirit that came with it. The seniors put the school on the map and football team on the map and we take that with honor and hope to continue in success, it’s just been great.” The seniors who were a part of the WBHS Varsity football team are; Obbie Jackson- Western Michigan University, Marcellus Mitchell- Lake Erie College, William Mccray, Michael King- Saginaw Valley University, Kyle Giles, Jalin Nealy- Definace College, Josh Jackson- Walsh College, Deshawn Cole, Arvid Peterson, Myles Jackson, Derick Williams, Clayton Kowalewski, Jayson Brown, Chris Aljouny, Evan Boyer, Justin Hollis- Wayne State University, Eddy Wilson- Purdue University, Isreal Saputo, Jerome Simpson, Kyle Gasso, Obi Okoye, Jalen Lewis- Wayne State University

In talking to seniors about the season Defensive Back Jackson said “ My favorite memory of high school football is my 103 yard interception.” Although the 2014-2015 Football season has come to an end already, for some WBHS seniors, football careers do not have to. When asked the question of whether they were to play football collegiate level, Jackson says,“ Yes, I do plan on continuing my sport at Walsh College in Canton Ohio.”

Congratulations Lakers!  Score a touchdown wherever you are headed next!