A Sequel To The Next Four Years

National Honor Society Seniors Ready for Their Next Step


The seniors of West Bloomfield High school’s (WBHS) National Honors Society (NHS) are ready for the next chapter of their lives. NHS seniors include:

Deborah AdenijiAntara AjjampurChristopher AljounyZainab Al-Kushaly

Zachary Allread

Amber Autry

Blair Baetan

Brooke Bain

Fabiola Belaen

Jordan Barker

Rupin Balabhadra

Julia Bartus

Courtney Benevides

Dana Betty

Michael Bologna

Jessica Bowser

Isabel Brickman

Sabrina Brogniart

Melanie Bumler

Sara Cahn

Emily Chaben

Anthony Chen

Lakkyn Clark

Cassandra Cruz

Arielle Davidson

Lindsey Davis

Taylor Declue

Nicole Dean

Brooke Desposato

Nicholas Dronchi

Daniel Eillender

Brandon ErlichmanRoberto EscalanteLana FloerKelsey Gasso

Brendan Gimby

Mark Gladshteyn

Johnathan Nirenberg

Brooke Nosanchuck

Sarah Opie

Bobak Ossarah

Diba Ossarah

Taiah Pelt

Lauren Perry

Caroline Peschansky

Raino Pintamo

Michael Prewitt

Divan Putrus

Jacob Rashty

Eli Ravid

Benjamin Reinheimer

Lillian Richards

Anna Ringuette

Kevin Rothstein

Murrah Sabouni

Kelsey Samson

Annie Savka

Maxwell Singer

Anna Spoto

Lauren Stahl

Dylan Stiger

Lauren Sweeny

Carina TaylorJacob ThomaRachel ThomasMahalia Thomas

Charles Tobin

Lakyah Tyner

Carissa Vadella

Lauren Veasey

Maxim Vinogradov

Rachel Walls

Jordyn Weiss

Morgan Williamson

Chase Yarber

Rio Mizuno

Jasmine Morigney

Emily Murzyn

Zoia Naseem

Ijeoma Ndupu

Jillian Goldstone

Lauren Gorny

Matthew Goryl

Tiffeny Gripper

Alexandra Hairston

Marissa Hansen

Dominque Hermez

Giuliana Herrera

Hadley Hoffman

Emma Huez

Ellery Isenstein

Lindsay Ishbia

Nicole Ishbia

Stephanie JabroIffat JahanJoshua JankelovitzJesse Jeppeson

Cheng Jiang

Cameron Johnson

Robert Jones

Michael Kakos

Paul Kamash

Liza Kohlenberg

Clayton Kowalewski

Jarrell Ku

Taylor LaPorte

Amanda Larsen

Katy Lau

Meghan Lederman

Cassandra Leslie

Jaeina Limbo

Gabby Lowenthal

Jianella Macalino

Jasmine Moudoun

Dua Malik

Arhum Mahmood

Nick Martin

Shawn Matharu

Alexandra McDonough

Gillian Meyers

Alison Miner

Aleena Mirza

NHS  is a program designed to recognize high school students and their outstanding achievements made throughout their high school careers. NHS honors students who show excellence in the areas of scholarships, leadership, service and character. To be a part of NHS, WBHS students must maintain a 3.5 gpa or higher. NHS offers students opportunities to help their community with activities such as tutoring, which count as NHS community service hours.

Teacher and advisor Noel McHardy said, “This year’s NHS members (especially the seniors) have worked hard to grow our tutoring programs at the Middle Schools. We have organized tutoring at Abbott and OLMS twice per week. Jarrell organized online signups for the tutoring spots, and they fill up as soon as the online signup is available every month. Many seniors exceeded the required 20 hours of tutoring. This year we are introducing the WBHS NHS Scholarship for one graduating senior. I hope that the seniors continue to give their time and considerable talents to those who would benefit from them after they leave WBHS, and realize that they all have gifts that will benefit our society – and they should use them for good!”

NHS president Jarrell Ku said, “Being president has been a really great  experience, at times it can be a lot of work, not that much, but enough that I feel I make an impact on the community. A few things that presidents do, is they send out all the emails from important information Mrs. McHardy forwards to us. We also set up tutoring for the middle school, with both OLMS and Abbott sessions about three days a week. I made online signups for that. Overall its been a good experience and has helped me a lot. Being a part of NHS and as president, I have learned to be accountable and it teaches one to have accountability. But also how to be a servant leader, one he leads to serve the chapter not himself.”

Brooke Bain shared “As a senior in NHS I have a fun time, and really great experiences with my community service hours, volunteering at Doherty in the classes, and it’s really great because I get to work with all the kids, and working with them has helped me to decide what I would like to do with my future, in pediatrics someday, and it is a really great experience opportunity. It is great to have NHS on your schedule for colleges and it helps you to create a generalized lifestyle which I believe is important, to help make a difference overall. I have really liked being in NHS, helping with all the events, and helping others.”

Morgan Williamson stated, “NHS has made me more involved within  the community, I am able to work with other people and it’s really nice. It has also made me more involved and motivated to work hard. Overall it has been a great experience and I really enjoy all that we do especially the community service.” With such great remarks from a few of the students in NHS apart of the graduating class of 2015, it is clear that the experiences gained from NHS will stick with this great group of students for the rest of their lives.

Congratulations, seniors!