Ahoy, Lakers Ahead!

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”-Malcolm X


Where does the class of 2015 see themselves in 2035?

“In 20 years hopefully I’m a doctor working at a really nice hospital, maybe I’ll even be married by then,” stated Morgan Williamson.

“I can see myself on ESPN broadcasting live from a major sports event as I envisioned my whole life ever since I fell in love with all sports,” states Audrey Shaw.

“It is hard to plan out your future, you think its its easy, and that it will be planed out if you follow this, this and this, but its not, life throws so many curve balls, that’s what I found out this year… that’s what I learned, so many curve balls, in 20 years I would like to have a nice career be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle, be able to travel, and live life, I don’t want to be stuck in an office all day to be honest, be married with a few kids, traveling a lot… and living in California after college,” says Tara Naoum.

“I see myself living happily…with a dog, and I will be running my own business,” shares Tatiana Habsburg.

“In 20 years I will be 38, I hope to be living on the East Coast with a family.. I can  see myself  working in business,” said Emma Huez.

“Oh God, in 20 years I’ll be 38… I’ll probably be married, and with kids, I don’t know!” exclaimed Eddie Wilson.

“I see myself married and with a job that I love doing!” said Rian Berry.