Poms Pump Their Way to Graduation

The seniors on West Bloomfield High School Poms tell about their wonderful experience before graduating.


The West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) Poms team has had countless accomplishments varying from all their performances at WBHS sporting events to their last halftime routine of 2015. For which all of these would have never happened without Pom’s five talented seniors: Lana Floer (captain), Lauren Stahl (captain), Lana Peschansky, Annie Savka, Ren Veasey, and Jordyn Weiss.  All the graduating seniors on poms began as freshman, so they grew up together. Poms coach Sally Unrath states that all seniors on Poms have a bond with “each other and myself… tighter than most.” Stahl agrees with her coach by stating that her favorite part of being a member on Poms was “really bonding with the coach and becoming a team.” The team had encountered many challenges including the struggle to get the “entire team to look like one when they are performing or competing since they all have so many different styles to bring to the floor. Also for the girls to get their schedules in sync for practices and games” (Unrath). Yet that did not stop them from achieving the goals they set and it all worked out perfectly in the end.

The WBHS Poms team was much fun for the girls, Savka explains that she has “never had so much fun dancing” in her life. Her favorite memory from being on Poms throughout high school was “the Halloween dance that we performed my junior year. It was so funny being dressed like pumpkins.” Unrath stated her favorite memory was “watching how they have matured from the time that they were freshmen until this last year. Their distinct personality traits will be remembered forever.”

Unrath wants to let her girls know that she was so proud to have to of been sharing her expertise with their creativity. Not only that but “instilling life’s lessons into everything” that they did and “hoping that they take those things away from their experience.” Team captain Stahl also shares advice to students seeking to be apart of the Poms team. “Make sure you’re committed, stay positive even if it gets hard, and have so much fun because my 4 years on poms were there best parts of high school!”


Congratulations Poms!