AAA is On Their Way!

WBHS African American Awareness club seniors prepare for the world.


Being a part of the African American Awareness(AAA) club at West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) has helped seniors appreciate and enjoy their four years of high school. At AAA, all students who are interested are provided with a space to share their views on a variety of things. AAA holds meetings on Thursdays in teacher and advisor Joshua Johnson’s room. There are discussions on various diverse topics and issues that affect everyone, and the seniors have gained much knowledge from participating. AAA’s senior executive board currently consists of President Lakyah Tyner, Secretary Rachel Warnicke, Community Service Chairperson Mikayla Tyner, Vice President Ijeoma Ndupu, Public Relations Specialist Kayla McPhaul, Historian Maxwell Singer, and Treasurer Jonathan Nirenberg. AAA advisor Johnson would also like to commend Vice President Ijeoma Ndupu, whom he says that WBHS would not have had a step team without.

Tyner says that “Since we have many discussions on world topics, I get to hear a lot of different ideas and I think that’s important in the world today because a lot of people believe in different things and practice different things.” AAA is a great place for students to learn about black history and black culture, and Tyner encourages interested students to join. Johnson also only has high words of praise for the seniors of AAA. Johnson says that they “were very ambitious and did an excellent job coordinating this year.”

Congratulations AAA Seniors!