Ride On!

Equestrian Team Senior Rides Off to Her Next Chapter

Senior Kelly Shepard of the Equestrian team

Senior Kelly Shepard of the Equestrian team

What could be more fun than riding horses, and supporting your school at the same time? The West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) equestrian team does just that, having an amazing 2015 season. Lone senior Kelly Shepard enjoyed her time on the team, and has ridden for WBHS for one year. Shepard joined the team not knowing anything about the sport, and says that even though she was brand new, “The team and the coaches guided me through it and made it fun rather than intimidating.” According to her coach, Shepard was a great addition to the team and she says that “Even though Kelly had little riding experience, she showed great dedication and determination and learned the skills necessary to ride and show in multiple disciplines.”

By being on the Equestrian team, Shepard says that she “gained a lot of skills and knowledge from being on the team,” and it was an experience that let her “develop friendships that will last a lifetime.”  Shepard has great advice for future equestrian members, saying to just have fun with it and “Even if you don’t have a lot of experience going into it you are sure to come out with some. Be open to advice from the coaches, they are there to make you the best you can be and help you from making the same mistakes over and over again. Its not an easy thing to do and is a lot of work, but if you keep at it and be able to laugh at your mistakes but go back and fix them, then you will have a blast.” Congratulations to Shepard and the rest of the equestrian team on a great season!