Their Last Story

For Spectrum seniors, writing is a reward instead of a chore.

Their Last Story

West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) newspaper and literary journal,  Spectrum, offers seniors the chance to publish their ideas, opinions and interests with a larger community by writing articles about school and world news, sports, their opinions, school student life, and their own literature and art pieces online on

The 2015 seniors of Spectrum are Tara Naoum, Jianella Macalino, Jameson Draper, Tatiana Habsburg, Jasmine Morigney, Emma Huez and Tierra Riddick. Having both been a part of Spectrum since their sophomore years, co-editors Tara Naoum and Jianella Macalino have found a true love for journalism that they credit to Spectrum for creating. Being a part of Spectrum was part of high school that Naoum says really helped her grow, and she says that “I was able to meet a lot of different people and find different opportunities around me, and I actually had an internship with a newspaper this past summer, the summer before my senior year.” Likewise, Macalino has gained “leadership skills, and I learned how to work with a group and found a love for journalism.” Also having been a part of Spectrum for three years, senior Jameson Draper says that “I have really learned how to increase my effectiveness by writing, and I’ve been able to explore a lot of different genres that I usually would not write about, so I’ve really broadened my horizons.” As a member of Spectrum for two years, senior Tatiana Habsburg says that she has “learned how to gauge time, how to plan accordingly, and it has helped me become more responsible.”

Teacher and adviser Marlowe B’sheart has wonderful things to say about all of the seniors of Spectrum, saying that she is “so grateful for the incredible work the seniors of Spectrum have done.” B’sheart says that Naoum “is eager for all Spectrum staff to feel connected and appreciated and finds thoughtful ways to reinforce team spirit.”  When speaking about Macalino, B’sheart says that she “approaches all aspects of running a newspaper with enthusiasm, clear vision and a collaborative spirit” and of both Naoum and Macalino, B’sheart says that they “functioned as mentors for our incoming staff–they created welcome materials, organized assignments, and motivated their staff.” As a two-year Spectrum member, B’sheart says that Habsburg ” brought passion to her stories be they about alumni or yoga; her creative pieces are just beautiful.” Draper has been a member of Spectrum for three years, and B’sheart says that “In addition to continuing to insightfully represent Spectrum with regard to anything music related, Jameson was always ready to navigate the technology to create new options for our site.”

Even though they were only a part of Spectrum for one semester, seniors Jasmine Morigney and Emma Huez are already feeling the benefits of writing. Emma says that she has “gained knowledge, and learned how to work with different teachers and students on articles.” Spectrum has helped Huez in her job as well, because as B’sheart says,”Emma served as staff member of Spectrum as well as for Local Stew, helping connect our publications. ” Spectrum has helped Morigney write about more creative stories, instead of just the usual essays, and B’sheart says that she “brought new energy and a fresh perspective to our staff second semester.” Tierra Riddick has been a part of Spectrum for one year, and she says that she has “learned how to write an article, learned how to word an article, and just learned how to write better.” B’sheart says that Riddick has “managed to always smile and share positive energy as she worked on stories. ”  B’sheart added, “In addition to missing all of our seniors’ writing next year, I will simply miss them.  They are each wonderful team members and have added joy to our Spectrum community.”

The 2015 graduating seniors of Spectrum have contributed valuable stories and articles to Spectrum, and will truly be missed.  Congratulations!  Keep writing, Spectrum graduates!