UN to World

Describing the seniors’ highlights and advice they have from participating in the Model UN club.

UN to World

Model United Nations (Model UN) is a West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) club including three dedicated seniors. James Fogel, Lana Floer, and Shreya Uppal have worked hard with the sponsor, WBHS teacher Carrie Nobis, to debate world issues and specific countries to meet with other schools who compare their points of view of the given issues. Model UN includes traveling to many colleges and schools to participate in these debates.

Nobis described the biggest impact the seniors have had on the club this year that, “All the seniors have done a good job of communicating to the underclassmen about what the club is about. Fogel has been incredibly devoted to the club in particular. He has worked on organizing fundraisers and is trying to raise enthusiasm about the club. The seniors also tell them about conferences, help them prepare for upcoming ones. We have a really young club, like we only have three seniors. Senior Leadership has been helpful with getting the freshman on board.”

The three seniors have received many benefits from participating in this club. Fogel explains the largest benefit he got as, “learning how to public speak and act confident and less shy in front of large groups of people. The most important thing i learned was how to properly do research and take an impartial non-biased view of situations.” Uppall explained her own personal benefit as, “meeting new people and becoming part of a close-knit group of friends. The biggest thing I’ve learned is how to debate and to communicate in a friendly and formal manner with others.” Then, Fogel described how the club helped him prepare for college as, “really improving my organization skills, essay writing, research skills, and public speaking preparing me for the tough college environment.” Uppall recalled how the club helped her prepare for college, “by helping me learn how to meet new people and how to research and write papers for a deadline.” The Model UN club brought together many people of all different grades, schools, and communities, and this allowed these seniors to have gotten so much from participating.

Lastly, the seniors from Model UN have experienced the club for a while thus were asked to provide any advice for future members. Fogel would like to tell future members of the Model UN club that they should, “Always take chances, prepare your arguments well, and never back away for fear of ignorance life teaches us in strange ways!” Uppall wants anyone thinking of joining Model UN to understand that, “it might seem like an academic club, which it is, but it is also really fun. Also that any people are afraid to debate or speak up, but half the people in the room you are in feel the same way.” Model UN will greatly miss their seniors, and they are looking forward to an excellent year ahead with the members, new and old.