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On Friday May 1st, 2015  the West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) Upstander joined together, with many other students, and schools at Oakland Community College (OCC) for the Defeat The Label’s (DTL) Stand 4 Change Rally. Students got the chance to meet the Pistons D-Team Dancers, the Pistons Cheerleaders, and Olympic Gold Medalist Meryl Davis. DTL is an organization put together to create a movement, and help defeat bullying. Defeat The Label strives to promote an inclusive, judgement free society and sponsors Upstander.

According to Defeat the Label, an average over 160,000 kids nationwide stay home from school to avoid being bullied, and every 1 in 7 students is either a bully, or a victim of bullying. DTL has created a pledge, to help stop bullying. Over three million students around the world have taken the Stand 4 Change pledge. This pledge states the following:

TODAY, I am surrounded by millions of students around the world, I am taking a stand for myself and for my classmates

I WILL SPEAK UP – I will take a stand when I see my friends and other students hurting, humiliating and bullying each other. I know that in the split second it takes to bully someone or to just watch as someone is being bullied I can also use that time to do something positive that can help someone else. I will use my voice for those who cannot to let others know that I think bullying is wrong.

I WILL STAND UP – I will stick up for my friends and other students who might need someone to stand up for them. I know that it takes just as much time to stand up for someone as it does to look away. I will let them know they are not helpless or hopeless. I will not ignore bullying.

I WILL DEFEAT THE LABEL – I will not use my computer or my phone to spread mean or hurtful rumors or to bully others. I know that in the same times it takes to click my mouse on hurtful messages I can use to decide not to act. And when I see other people cyber bullying I will take a stand.


The West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) Spectrum staff sat down with a few Upstander members, to ask them the following questions:

1. What was your favorite part about the DTL event?

2. What is something you learned from the DTL event?

3. What is one thing you would encourage others to do if they are a bully/victim/bystander?


“I loved all the people that attended and the support they provided.. I learned that over 160,000 students skip school each day due to bullying… I would remind a victim that they are never alone and those who bully you are below you. Be strong and powerful and stand up for yourself!” stated Sophia Cannella, a freshman WBHS Student, Spectum member.

“My favorite part about Stand for Change was meeting ice skater Meryl Davis and getting to take a picture with her…I learned that an exorbitant amount of people are bullied and suicidal which I think needs to change…If somebody is a bully, they should try to stop and make amends for what they have done. If somebody is a victim, then they should try to tell an adult or someone who has enough power to stop the bullying.If somebody is a bystander then they should stand up for those who are being bullied, and do what the victim cannot. They should try to “Upstand” and spread positivity.” Avani Samandur, freshman WBHS Student, Upstander member.





To take the Stand 4 Change pledge, or to find out more information on Defeat the Label or Stand 4 change, check out their website: