Mentors Enter a New Adventure

Senior mentors say goodbye

Mentors Enter a New Adventure

UnknownWest Bloomfield High School (WBHS) features a peer mentorship program where upper classmen are assigned a group of freshmen to “mentor” for their first semester of freshmen year. The goal of this program is to help freshmen adapt to high school norms and get comfortable while having an older peer or “mentor” to look up to. Mentorship is run by teachers Joshua Johnson and Kelli Danton.

During the first semester of the year the mentors plan many different activities for freshmen after school. This year these activities included freshman movie day, freshman yoga and many more. Not only were after school events held, mentors also plan in school events for freshmen like Halloween parties. During these events freshman are given the chance to bond with their class and mentors. Another in school activity that peer mentorship holds is freshman pulls. Freshmen pulls take place a few times throughout the semester when the upperclassmen “pull” their freshmen mentees from a class throughout the day to hang out with them, bond, play games and get to know them.

While mentorship is made up of a few sophomores and a large chunk of juniors, there is also a significant part of the program made up of seniors.  This senior class had 24 students in the mentorship class. Danton said, “the senior peer mentors did a great job with helping to acclimate the freshmen to West Bloomfield High School.” Within the class a lot of leading took place from the senior mentors as well. “Our senior mentors set the bar high when it came to teamwork, leadership and collaboration within the classroom.”

The seniors in peer mentorship this year include Julia Bartus, Courtney Benadives, Sabrina Brogniart, Lindsey Davis, Helene Deutch, Lauren Gorny, Nia Greer, Alexandria Hairston, Alexys Hearst, Mitchell Hotz, Robert Jones, Cara Lewis, Gabby Lowenthal, Jasmine Madoun, Marissa McGee, Gillian Meyers, Jasmine Morigney, Emily Murzyn, Ijeoma Ndupa, Emily Poronto, Tierra Riddick, Dacia Simuel, Jordyn Weiss and Morgan Williamson.

This senior mentor group worked hard all year and now we send them off to be freshmen again!