Shadows are only the absence of light

Shadows are only the absence of light

The pain I have had as a constant companion for months is now in hiding.

I have banished my demons.

The light I project now shines so bright the shadows are powerless.

I know they are still there.

I know that they may never go away.

The difference, however, from three weeks ago to today is that today I am not only ready but itching to fight the shadows.

I no longer want to give into the darkness.

For months I let the shadows take over every inch of my mind, poisoning everything.

They covered my light, and made me defenseless.

I found my light again despite the thousands of shadows trying to hide it from the world.

I see my own worth again and I want my light to shine.

I want to live again.

The shadows may always be there but now I am prepared to fight them.

They hold no more power than I give them.