Track & Field is one Hill of a Sport!

May the course be with you, Seniors.

Track & Field is one Hill of a Sport!

The West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) Track and Field team has seven seniors: Chuck Ezeanya, Jada Garrison, Kush Pandya, Divan Putrus, Lewis Starr, Nick Tottis, and Morgan Williamson. The WBHS Track and Field team will be losing some very valuable members, but their running spirit will always be on the track.

Wilson shares that, “My favorite thing about being a senior is Just knowing that it’s almost over, high school…[this summer I plan on] going to college, having fun, and playing football.This is my third year[doing track and field], I like it because you  you have to depend on people, its a team sport.”IMG_8470

“I love all the activities we have and all the opportunities coming up in life. I look forward to growing more academically and meeting new people and making memories. I’ve been running since 7th grade. I really like the challenge of hurdles and I also enjoy the meets and trying for a better time, ” says Williamson.

Track and Field will miss their members, and cannot wait for newcomers to join. WBHS knows their departing Track and Field seniors will clear any hurdles in their future.