Laying Down the Gavel One Last Time

Closing the courtroom door for Law Club Seniors


While there is an abundance of clubs at West Bloomfield High School (WBHS), one of the consistently most important and popular is Law Club. Even though it has over 100 members, the club still runs smoothly. Headed by sponsor Ms. Alycia Chase and senior executive board members Jasmine Morigney, Emma Huez, Jesse Jeppesen, Alex McDonough and Lana Floer, the club does many activities. In addition to having guest speakers on law and politics (by local law enforcement and politicians, of course), the club takes field trips and engages in many events in the community.

In past years, the club has elected a president and a vice president, but this year, the senior executive board collectively decided to not elect a president. “We decided as a group that it would be better to work as a team,” said Huez, a senior board member, “It really has been working well.”

“We have gotten really close recently, and we decided to collaborate,” said Morigney, “We wanted to make it the best year of law club ever.”

The group’s unprecedented decision to make the club leaders a collective of seniors instead of a singular person has seemingly brought the group closer together, and makes the seniors last stretch in West Bloomfield even more emotional.

The decision is in: WBHS Law Club graduates will thrive  out in the real world!  Good luck Lakers!