Baby Got Backhand

The seniors in the West Bloomfield High School Women’s Tennis team share their memories and experiences from their time on the team.


The West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) Women’s Tennis team had a challenging season, but managed to have success as a team. Two-year WBHS Tennis coach, Josh Molino shared “This year has been a challenge, we returned 8 varsity members from last season and added 7 new players, some from J.V. and a couple freshman. It’s never an easy process replacing 8 players from the previous year but our captains, Gillian Meyers, Nicole Dean and Sara Cahn have done a phenomenal job leading our young team and laying a foundation for a run at the state title next year.” The captains of the Tennis team also are the three seniors on the tennis team. The seniors include: Sara Cahn, Nicole Dean, and Gillian Meyers.

Being on the tennis team provided the seniors with many benefits. Molino stated “Our three Senior Captains all work hard in the classroom and on the court, and are great examples for all student athletes at WBHS. We would love to send them off to college with a Regional Championship and for Meyers/Cahn a State Title at No.1 doubles.” Cahn, four-year tennis member, explained her greatest benefit was to “Meet people from all different grades. When you come in you know people who are younger and older than you and you have friends no matter what.” Dean added her greatest benefit was ,“Meeting a lot of new people and being able to do something I love with really cool people.” Meyers concluded her greatest benefit was “It’s a fun thing to do after school with a group of people. And I’ve become a leader by being on a team sport.”

As the seniors’ high school careers come to a close, the seniors look forward to the future and whether or not tennis will be a part of it. Cahn said she will be playing “Recreationally, not on a college team.” Dean shared she will “Probably not [be playing on a tennis team].” Meyers explained “I’ll probably play on the club team.”

Coach Molino leaves the seniors with his final piece of advice “Never Forget Who You Are and Where You Came From #MTAFam.” The seniors also leave advice for any girls who want to join the tennis team. Cahn shared “Even if you don’t think you’re good enough or you don’t play enough, you should still try out. There’s always room and it’s fun to play, even if you don’t think you’re great [at tennis].” Dean added “They should definitely try out. Even if you’re not that good at tennis, it never hurts to try out. It’s a great opportunity.” Meyers concluded “They should definitely try out, it’s really fun.”

As the seniors finish off the year and head off to bigger things, they will always have their memories from their four years of being on tennis. They can swing into their future strong with memories of their time on the team with them.