ICDC 2015-Making Memories and Living the Dream!

Summarizing the Experiences of WBHS DECA International Participants

ICDC 2015-Making Memories and Living the Dream!

Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) Internationals took place in Orlando, Florida on from April 25-28. Many representatives from West Bloomfield High School participated and were able to compete for the top titles in the nation, which many of our students achieved. For example, senior Rupin Balabhadra  won a medal for top 20 and top 10 in the nation! The students participating were able to soak up the sun and visit Disney World while the conference was not going on.

Many people gained wonderful memories from participating in the once in a lifetime opportunity. Matthew Ladoucer  (freshman) describes his favorite memory as, “trading pins and other cool stuff with people from other states and countries before opening session.” Balabhadra reminisces about his DECA experience by saying his favorite memory as, “making top ten this year.” Marcus Mclaughlin (freshman) enjoyed, “going to universal studios and getting to see Harry Potter World.”

DECA Internationals also taught the participants many lessons about being a leader and as a person. Mclaughlin said that DECA, “taught me is that the business world is not as big and intimidating as I once thought, and rather it’s a very competitive, but rewarding industry I would love to be a part of some day.” Ladouceur learned, “how to create solutions for problems in a short amount of time, and also good presentation skills.” The DECA participants interacted with thousands of people, so their skills involving presentations and social interaction improved.

DECA Internationals were the last DECA event of the school year, and many participants made a specific point to describe how much they will miss their experience. Balabahadra described how he, “will definitely miss the trips the most, in my four years I have gone to nationals twice, for my freshman year we went to Salt Lake City, Utah and this year was Orlando, Florida. The trips would be nothing without the advisors and friends that are on it.” Ladoucer was extremely passionate about and will miss, “going to districts, states, and then internationals and having a good time and also competing there.”

The competition allowed thousands of students across the country to participate in an amazing event that taught them skills, allowed the students to make memories, and created a fun and educational environment. Congratulations to everyone who participated and West Bloomfield High School is so proud of you all!