VIP Was The Place to Be

Goodbye VIP Seniors

VIP Was The Place to Be

The West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) VIP Club– VIP standing for Volunteer Impact Program– is a popular club at the high school. Led by senior club president Jonny Nirenberg, the club holds several meetings per semester to set up events to help the community.

“Earlier in the year, we did a can drive,” said senior club member Jianella Macalino.

Being that this club has been a staple at West Bloomfield for years, many seniors leaving this spring are going to miss the club.

“I really enjoyed being in the club,” said senior Jasmine Morigney, “I’m going to miss being part of an organization that helps people right here in the community.”

The program, headed by WBHS spanish teacher William Bishop, is designed to get young adults involved in their community and realize the importance of helping others.

“Being in the club made me want to continue helping the community after high school,” said senior Aleena Mirza, “I see how helping people impacts the community in such a positive way. It makes me happy to help others in need.”