Laker Laughs

What will the class of 2015 remember with laughter?

Laker Laughs

As the school year comes to an end, and the seniors start to pack their bags and leave new adventures, they remember the fun times they leave behind. The West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) Spectrum staff asked seniors to share their funniest memory from high school.  Here is what they said:


“The funniest moment at WBHS was when Mr. Watson, Mr. Pierce and Mr. Pace danced at the pep assembly.” Emma Huez

“All the laughs that the students and staff members have brought.” Rebeica Maloney

“At the pep assembly, when the whole football team went wild in the middle of the gym.” Kyle Gasso

“I’ve had too many funny moments to just choose one! :)” Brooke Bain

“When I was playing in the Powder Puff game and I got to watch all of the senior guy cheerleaders perform cheers especially when they tried to do big formations like a pyramid and they all fall. I laughed really hard” Audrey Shaw

“A funny moment would be in leadership dancing with the elderly for an event.” Josh Jankelouz

“Basically all of the football games. Someone would do something and I would be DEAD!” Aleena Mirza

“When Watson put on the wig at the pep rally then danced to shake it off.” Carine Ingweiller

“When Watson, Pierce and Pace wore wigs and danced/lip synced at the pep assembly.” Meghan Legerman