Laker Takeaway

Spectrum asks seniors the meaningful question of What their big takeaway from being a Laker is.

Laker Takeaway

School pride is important to have, and to be proud of what I’ve accomplished. ”

— Meghan Lederman

I am most loveable.”

— Aleena Mizra

To always strive in doing my best and never giving up. I can always accomplish my goals if I try. ”

— Dominique Hermiz

Without school spirit, are you even a school?”

— Courtney Chase

Knowing that everyone here is just trying to prepare you for your future.”

— Rebeka Maloney

As a Laker, I have learned how important it is to care about others. I have learned that I love to help other people, which I hope to continue in my career later in life.”

— Brooke Bain

I have become a much stronger student and athlete by being a Laker I had a lot of Laker pride and that goes a long way at WBHS.”

— Audrey Shaw

My biggest takeaway is just having friends with all my other classmates and proud to be a Laker”

— Kyle Gasso

My biggest takeaway is just never giving up and pursuing my goals.”

— Josh Jankelovitz