Seniors Most Embarrassing Moments as Lakers


Getting hit by doors at the end of the day multiple times.”

— Dominique Hermiz

Walking into the all senior class as a freshman, that’s always the worst. Or, the time as a junior when I had to run something to the dumpster outside and running back I tripped and fell flat on my face. ”

— Courtney Chase

When I was on the football field and fell, tore my ankle and was on crutches for two weeks.”

— Carine Ingweiller

I slipped and fell in the parking lot while waving hi to my friend’s mom. ”

— Aleena Mizra

I did not really have one, maybe getting called out in front of the class.”

— Josh Jankelovitz

When I was at the playoff football game this year and I fell of the bleachers while we were all doing a chant.”

— Audrey Shaw

Freshman year, I tripped in the hallway and everyone saw.”

— Kyle Gasso

First week of school freshman year, it was a Monday and it had been raining outside. As I walked into school, I slipped and fell (on the slick linoleum) because my shoes were wet. That was when it was cool to gather in the atrium, so everyone saw me fall. Since I had all of my books in my backpack and I had it hooked around me, I couldn’t get up easily. Everyone that saw laughed at me. I felt like a turtle.”

— Brooke Bain

Tripping while walking up the stairs. Thank goodness nobody saw me. ”

— Rebeka Maloney

Falling up the stairs.”

— Emma Huez

When I forgot to move my car for marching band and I came outside. the whole band was booing me. ”

— Jasmine Morigney

Running into a tuba before a band concert as a freshman.”

— Meghan Lederman