Hello and Goodbye

Spectrum asks “What will you miss from WBHS?”

Hello and Goodbye

As seniors prepare to say hello to college, they also say goodbyes.  We asked seniors what will you miss from WBHS?


All my friends that are going to different schools.”

— Meghan Lederman

Being with the people I’ve known my entire life.”

— Jasmine Morigney

The pep assemblies.”

— Emma Huez

Seeing all my friends and the staff I have come to get along with.”

— Rebeka Maloney

I will miss the youth and the idea that I am still a kid. Now that I am going to college, I’m being forced to grow up. I know that it happens to everyone, but I wish I had embraced my youth more. ”

— Brooke Bain

All of the friendships that have developed with my friends and most teachers.”

— Dominique Hermiz

Mr. Watson…actually all of the staff members because all of them are amazing at what they do and I couldn’t think of a better staff than who we have here at WBHS.”

— Courtney Chase

All the people I see every day.”

— Aleena Mizra

Most definitely seeing the football games and seeing my friends every day.”

— Audrey Shaw

I will miss my senior year football.”

— Kyle Gasso

The people, the teachers, and the tennis team.”

— Josh Jankelovitz

The fun teachers.”

— Carine Ingweiller