2015 Thank Yous

Thanks for All You Do, Class of 2015

2015 Thank Yous

West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) graduates say goodbyes to their classmates as they start to leave for college and other future plans. A few thank yous to classmates:

“My classmate Jacob Rashy for being just an overall good guy.” Joah Jankeloulz

“Shelby Wolok because he has always has a positive attotude.” Kyle Gasso

” There isn’t just one classmate I can thank because they have all been very supportive and helpful. I would like to thank all of my classmates and friends.” Audrey Shaw

” Jianella Macaino. She is literally my mom. She does everything for me. My Fav, you know.” Aleena Mirza

“I would like to thank my five best friends: Amber Autry, Brooke Bain, Kaitlyn Chase, Dominique Hermiz, and Michael Prewitt for always being there for me and making high school AMAZING!” Courtney Chase

“My 3 closest  friends, Brooke, Amber, And Courtney for always being there form me and supporting me through everything. We are like sisters.

” Zach Jordan stand for making me happy and for helping me to recognize my potential.” Brooke Bain

“Jessica Kelly because she helped me through some tough situations and she also helped me with my schoool work when I needed the help.” Rebecca Maloney

” I would like to thank Arhum Mahmood because he has been a great help with school work and makes me laugh everyday.” Emma Huez

” Lauren Gorny. shes taught me about friendship and that people come as they are.” Jasmine Morigney

” Mic Dronchi for helping me surviving AP chem and Honors Physics.” Meghan Lederman