Dream (Big) Dialogue

Dream Dialogue Seniors Ready for Global Dialogues


Dream Dialogue is a club at West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) that focuses on educating and spreading awareness about worldwide cultures. The seniors participating will be greatly missed due to their large involvement in the club involving giving speeches and passing on their knowledge to the rest of the student body. The participants travel to schools, restaurants, museums, and camps to learn about cultures that are both popular in West Bloomfield and those that some people in the club had never even heard of. Active senior member Jacob Rashty said his most important lesson learned, “was that of true leadership, a skill set that will allow us to be both positive and affective leaders in our schools, colleges, and eventually our communities at large.”

The club gave seniors opportunities to mature and learn through valuable lessons about diversity. Rashty described how his experiences taught, “to accept people of varying backgrounds, religions, cultures, and languages.  Being able to understand and relate to diverse cultures has made me a stronger leader and president of an extremely diverse school.”  Dream Dialogue seniors Kelsey Gasso and Anita Morriss obtained the knowledge to pass along appreciation and awareness of many cultures even after they graduate from WBHS.

Dream Dialogue seniors leave WBHS with greater knowledge about diversity.  No doubt they will now lead others in this arena in their future endeavors.