Taking a Swing at the Future

West Bloomfield High School’s (WBHS) Softball Team Ready to Hit it out of the Park


West Bloomfield High School’s (WBHS) 2015 softball team says goodbye to their seniors, Brooklynn Powers, Emily Chaben, and Brooke Nosanchuk, after a rigorous and exciting season. These seniors have a lot to reflect upon, as they move on to the next level of their education and recollect on their years of their participation in a high school sport. “My most memorable experience/game in my high school career was my varsity game against Troy as a freshman.  It was my first hit of the game and a fantastic start to my varsity career was a triple.” said team captain Powers. These seniors have also learned important life lessons from playing the sport.  Nosanchuk shared, “A life lesson I’ve learned from playing softball is to always go into a situation with a positive attitude. Nothing’s worse than losing because of a negative perspective.”

WBHS teacher and Coach Brandy Wilson also has quite a lot to reflect upon. She wrote a letter to her seniors which she requested be inserted into this article:


As my first year as Varsity Softball Coach at WBHS, there was lots to learn.  Team Captains, Brooklynn Powers and Emily Chaben stepped up to help me from the moment they heard I was the coach.  They came to me, introduced themselves and offered any help they could.  I recognized Emily right away, even though I had never met her.  I remembered why I recognized her a few days later.   I am sworn to secrecy with Emily, but Emily as you read this you know my first encounter with you.   I will remember Emilys’ facial expression as I recalled our first encounter.  “Oh my gosh COACH, I am so sorry.”As time grew closer to the season, I would hear someone calling “Coach!” down the hallway or in the cafeteria.  It was Brooklynn calling my attention to smile and wave.  She always asked how my day was and how things with softball were coming along. “Coach, are you excited?  I am so pumped up to play! This is going to be a great season.”  She would ask if I needed anything and reassure me that I could depend on her whenever needed.  She has upheld that promise with every question or help I have needed this season.

Every game has memories of each senior that I will carry with me.   The Avondale double header is one with many laughs.  It was bitter cold and the players could not get enough clothes on to stay warm.  The girls walked to the field in winter coats wrapped in blankets and snuggies.  During warm ups Emily started laughing, “Coach, I can’t move.  I have to take one of these three coats off.”   Brooklynn wrapped a scarf around her face, “Coach, do you think I can wear this when I play?”  I couldn’t help but to laugh. Despite the cold the girls focused on the end goal to win.  Brooklynn and Emily kept the team focused and led the Lakers to two wins that night. The best game Emily played was against Stephenson.  In the game Emily had 3 at bats with 2 hits bringing in 2 RBIs.  Defensively, Emily held strong with 10 putouts at first base.  Brooklynns’ best game was against Berkley, when she went 4 for 4 hitting with three singles and a double.  The best game Brooke played was against Troy Athens.  Brooke made two great catches in right field, one of which she threw the runner out at second base to turn a double play, at the plate she had a double and an RBI. To Brooklynn, I will miss watching you play, the heart you put into the game is a love for the game not everyone has.  I will miss watching your body expressions as you scream plays from home plate and being a leader on and off the field.

To Emily, I will miss your dedication and desire to always improve, being a leader and teammate.  I will miss our “dates” on third base and your “innocent” facial expressions when you think you are in trouble. Thank you Brooklynn and Emily for stepping up as captains, being leaders to your teammates and helping me throughout the season.  You have been more help than I can thank you for. To Brooke, I will miss your smile and laughs on the field and your willingness to help.  You have made this season fun and always reminding me to breath during games.

Thank you all for being a part of the team.  It has been an honor to coach you this season, I wish I had more seasons with you. Brooklynn Powers is considering playing softball in college.  She plans on attending college to pursue a career as a Special Education Teacher.

Emily Chaben does not play on continuing her softball career in college.  She will be attending MSU to become a CPA.

Brooke Nosanchuk does not play on continuing her softball career in college.   She will be attending Kalamazoo college to study Psychology.

Good luck Lakers!