The Last Splash

Swim team seniors dry off for the last time

Seniors Tyler Edwards, Jacob Thoma, and Chase Yarber


Seniors Tyler Edwards, Jacob Thoma, and Chase Yarber

Throughout the year, the West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) boy’s Swim & Dive team has proven their dedication and determination. This year, we say goodbye to four seniors on the team as they dry off and leave the pool. Chase Yarber, Jacob Thoma, Tyler Edwards and Rodrigo Saavedra had an exciting year, but sadly it is time for them to leave us.

“I’ve been swimming for four years,” says Chase Yarber. Jacob Thoma says, “I swam for two years in middle school and four years in high school.” These seniors have put a lot of their time and effort into making the Swim & Dive team at WBHS a truly unique and a good experience for all involved. We remember them from seeing them around school with shaved heads, but sadly they will be moving on.

Yarber and Thoma recall their favorite parts of the season this year. “Mine was getting the 100 fly varsity record,” says Thoma. Though he leaves us, he leaves an impact on the school by setting records! Yarber says, “My favorite part of the season was the league meet and shaving my head.” Shaving heads is a Swim & Dive tradition that these seniors will surely miss. The entire team shave their heads together right before a big meet.  Yarber says, “I’m gonna miss my team and coaches most.” Thoma states that what he will miss most are, “the team breakfasts after practice on Saturdays.”

Congratulations Lakers!