Moving Up the Ranks

After a full year of events, seniors say goodbye to student government


Seniors Alex McDonough, Jasmine Madoun, Max Singer, Robby Niehof, Arhum Mahmood, Jacob Rashty, Jaeina Limbo, Jonny Nirenberg, and Alex Hairston

With great power comes great responsibility, and that statement holds true for the members of West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) student government. Right from the beginning of the year, student government has been in full swing with various activities and projects. This year, the senior student government group  includes Jaeina Limbo, Jasmine Madoun, Jacob Rashty, Jonathon Nirenberg, Maxwell Singer, Jarrell Ku, Kelsey Gasso, Robby Niehof, Alexandria Hairston, Arhum Mahmood and Alex McDonough.

Together, these seniors work together to organize different events and activities for the senior class. The students are split into two groups, Student Council and Executive Board and each group has their own set of executive positions.

Limbo is the Class of 2015 Student Council President. She says she ran for student government so she could “be more involved with school and class functions and get to know all my classmate to better voice their ideas.” Limbo will be going to Michigan State University in the fall and is looking forward to being a part of student government there as well.

Rashty is the Executive Board President and has been involved in student government for all four years of high school. Rashty says he ran because he wanted to “bring about change at WBHS and help unify all the students.” He also says that he will miss the other members of student government the most. Rashty will be going into business in college and says that student government really helped him with his leadership skills.

Another student who benefited from student government in a similar way to Rashty is Executive Board Vice President Jasmine Madoun. Madoun has also been involved in student government since freshman year and she says, “Student government has helped me interact with all types of people. I am now better prepared to encounter different people that may think or have different ideas than me.”

It is The Class of 2015 Student Council secretary Hairston’s first year involved in student government. She decided to run because she “wanted to find a way to not only become an active member in school events but also be a good representation of our class while incorporating new ideas and reaching out to new people to make the already established student government even better.” Hairston will miss all of the events she got to be a part of but will continue to participate in student government and other leadership positions in college.

From class shirts to prom, student government is in charge of the many activities that go on throughout senior year and without them, senior year would not be as fun-filled as it was.  Thank you, seniors!  Good luck leading your next student body!