Field (Hockey) of Dreams

The Varsity Field Hockey Team Sets Goals for the Future


Team Photo

High school sports require many things out of those who participate. Some of those requirements include dedication, determination, commitment, and pride. The sports can be demanding, but the participants never ceased to give their love or passion for the sport. The seniors who played West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) Varsity Field Hockey have played throughout high school. They have made new friends and made memories that will last for a lifetime while playing. Sports are not just demanding of the body, but of the mind, too. Balancing sports, school, and other extra curricular activities can wear high school students out. Maintaining grades is a major part of being able to play sports because without them, they would not be eligible.

The seniors on the WBHS Field Hockey team were leaders and set a good example for their teammates. There are things that a team record cannot show. Such things are growth, development, friendship, character, and passion. These vital qualities played an instrumental part in scooping up the first victory in school history for this young, persevering team. The eight seniors, Carissa Vadella (#6 defense), Hadley Hoffman (#12 midfield), Liza Kohlenberg (#15 midfield, defense), Jordan Baker (#17 midfield), Sarah Opie (#18 Midfield), Blair Baeten (#19 midfield), Rachel Thomas (#57 defense), and Brooke Willard (#99 goalie) will always remember and be remembered for bringing home the first victory in school history and setting a standard for teams to come through their handwork, dedication, and success.

When asked what her favorite moment was in field hockey, Baker said, “I scored the first goal that the varsity field hockey team ever got.” When college came up Baker said that she does not plan to play in college. Baker will be attending Michigan State but not participating in any sports. Baker also said, “I think being on a team really made it easier as a senior to feel like I have people to fall back on, and it’s weird because I’m going to be leaving a lot of them because they’re going to Michigan. It was nice to have a team around me.” While high school sports may not create a path into the future for everyone, it creates memories and friends that can last a lifetime. Wins and losses are not the main thing in high school sports. It is about building relationships with people and keeping them strong and staying connected with your peers, no matter where life takes you.



Good Luck Lakers!